Sunday, May 04, 2008

College Dos and Don'ts

To celebrate the launch of Marley's fabulous college-set Sorority 101 series, I'd like to share a few Dos and Don'ts that I learned during my time in college.

DO Be prepared to try new things and meet new people. At any college, you're going to find people from different states, different countries, different cultures. Learning about and understanding the diversity on the planet is more important than any academic learning you'll do. However...

DON'T Get so caught up in your freedom that you start neglecting your classes. Yes, you have many new experiences to try and no curfew or parental check-ins, and it may be tempting to skip a few classes. After all, no one's taking roll, right? But, trust me, when midterms and finals come around, you'll wish you'd been at every lecture.

DO Try out different majors and classes you never thought you'd take. During my four years, I majored in architecture, biology, and (finally) theatre. You'll note that I'm not pursuing any of those careers, but things I learned in each area have helped me grow as a writer. You never know what class is going to click until you try it. Similarly...

DON'T Think that you have to declare you major freshman year and that deviating from that plan will mean your future ruin. Plans change, majors change (see above), and you'll figure it out. If you take a lot of core classes in your first two years, that will free you to focus on your major later--and give you a little more time to make your decision.

DO Join a group. Whether it's Model United Nations, Future Business Leaders of America, Amnesty International, or a sorority (like the characters in Marley's books) you'll meet new people with similar interests and make connections that might help you build a career after graduation.

DON'T Stress too much. I was a big time stresser-outer (sorry for all the tearful phone calls, Dad). I still enjoyed my time in college, but if I had just gone with the flow maybe I would have found my future in writing that much sooner.

To any graduating seniors out there, good luck with your plans and remember, "College is what you make of it." So make it worth your while!

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PS--Don't forget to pick up copies of the Sorority 101 books Zeta or Omega? and The New Sisters to get an inside track on campus Greek life!


TinaFerraro said...

Great advice! And for many, it's also the last open-ended "play time" before having to punch a clock...

stephhale said...

This is all such great advice, TLC! I wish I would have had it a few years ago! Okay, more than a few! :)

stephhale said...

This is all such great advice, TLC! I wish I would have had it a few years ago! Okay, more than a few! :)