Thursday, May 15, 2008

Introducing my fabulous critique partners....

I started writing seriously the summer of 2005. I knew that I wanted to stick with it until I became a published writer, or died trying. But I knew I needed help. I can't remember exactly how our trio came to be, but I do remember that it was because of the teenlit loop that we found each other. When Bethany, Carmen, and I got together none of us were agented or had sold. Within ten months, we were all agented and sold. Now that's what I call kismet. Let me introduce you to the two fabulous ladies that have played such an important part of my writing career.

Bethany Griffin~ The author of the forthcoming novel, Handcuffs, which will be released in December. Yeah, I can't wait. Bethany is also an English teacher and the mother of two toddlers. We bond over our novels and the many ways that children dream up to torture their mothers. I'm psyched to see Bethany at RWA this summer.

Carmen Rodrigues~ Carmen is the author of Not Anything, which is available in stores right now, so go buy tons of copies. Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida (lucky girl!) she is now residing in North Carolina attending UNC.

These two women have meant so much to me during this crazy process of getting (and hopefully staying) published. They gave me confidence in my work when I didn't have any. They gave me courage to send my work out into the world. But most of all, they gave me friendship and a girl can never have enough of that!



TinaFerraro said...

Okay, I'm seeing a clear trend here in Buzz Girls critique partners. Not only fabulously supportive and talented, but beautiful, as well!

Thanks for sharing, Steph!

Me said...

Wow, yay for the teenlit loop and yay for you guys finding each other. The stars aligned for you three at just the right time. I think good CPs are major good luck charms. =)