Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's muse over The Muses...

First and foremost...a major shout out to Tera Lynn Childs on the release of her first book, OH. MY. GODS. - available now! We're soooooooooooooooooo proud of her here at Books, Boys, Buzz. Can you tell? We're just bursting!!!

And, in honor of her Greek-themed young adult book, we've been talking about goddesses this week. I couldn't really think of any goddesses that identified with or could tell their story in great detail. As a writer, though, I know that there are those special intuitions inside of me that guide me through my stories. Could they be my Muses, walking me through the creative process? Probably so! (Otherwise, we writers would be committed for having voices in our heads. LOL!!)

The Muses...the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne are are known in Greek mythology to be sisterhood of goddesses or spirits. Collectively, as well as individually, they embody the arts and inspire the creation process with their graces through song and theatre, writing, music, and dance.

Here are the nine Muses:

1. Calliope, meaning "beaytiful of speech." She's the chief muse and insires epic or heroic poetry.
2. Clio, means "glorious one." She's the muse of history.
3. Erato, "the amorous one" is the muse of love poetry, lyrics and songs about marriage.
4. Euterpe means "well pleasing" and she muses over music and lyrical poetry.
5. Melpomene is the "changing one" and is the muse of tragedy
6. Polyhymnia is the "singer of many hymns" which makes her the muse of sacred songs, lyrics, singing, and poetry.
7. Termpsichore, meaning "delights in dance" is the muse of choral songs and dance.
8. Thalia is the "blossoming one" and stands as the muse of comedy and bucolic poetry.
9. Urania means the "celestial one" and she's the muse of astronomy.

The muses are often pictured with lyres and flutes, tablets, books, and scrolls, masks, flowers, roses, and a globe. They are thought to bring prosperity and friendship.

Of course, there's the classic movie -- now a Broadway musical -- called Xanadu in which one of the muses comes to life and helps a struggling artist find his true calling in painting, music, dance...and a roller disco! was the early 80s...what do you expect? Olivia Newton-John played Kira, the muse who literally stepped out of a painting to inspire the movie's hero. Many people think it's just a cheesy 80s movie, but it truly is a classic about reaching for your dream and achieving it.

And seriously, how much fun would it be being a Muse? Think of what they've done through the ages. They've inspired great works of art from the most amazing painters. They've helped craft songs with beautiful lyrics. They've sparked our imaginations and boostered our confidence to put ourselves out there creatively and express ourselves.

Like Tera did with her book.

Like what all the Buzz Girls do with their books.

I consider the Buzz Girls my own personal muses as they inspire me and support me with their friendship.

Who are your muses? How do they inspire you?

Marley = )

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TinaFerraro said...

First of all, Marley, this is a beautiful post!

Secondly, I'm there with you about Buzz Girl inspiration!

But I also want to add that sometimes, real life is a muse to me, as well. Not so much that I take from it, but when I want to hide from it. There's nothing better than turning your back on a sink full of dishes to go spend time, say Hooking a Hottie. :)

Me said...

Ditto everything T said. What a wonderful post, Marley. And real life is my muse sometimes, too--not the hiding from it, though. It's usually when I'm doing those dishes (to procrastinate, of course) that I come up with the great idea.

Have you guys ever seen Dogma with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon? Salma Hayek plays Serendipity, a muse-turned-exotic-dancer(yes, really). She's awesome and the movie is hilarious!