Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A season of finales

So, it's upon us once again...season finale season. This year there are no *major(* long-running TV shows that are saying adios, but there are quite a few big bang season finales for some of the Buzz Girl favorites.

WOW! Did anyone see the child prodigy David Archuleta NOT win?

Finale took me completely by surprise, not at all what I expected! 5 years in the future looks pretty interesting....what's going to happen on the show now?

Could this mean true love for McDreamy and Mer? What is going on with Hahn and Callie?

And of course the finale of all finales (for me anyway!)

What will happen to the Losties? Why is Charles Widmore so freaking crazy? What happens to Sawyer?

Questions that will only be answered tomorrow night for us LOST fans!!!!

When the year ends, it's that time again...summer TV. Some shows from years gone by have been big hits (Dancing with the Stars, So you think you can dance) some really not (Can't even remember them right now!)

What is everyone planning to watch this summer? What finales are you looking forward to/enjoyed this season/just hated?

Have a great finale season!
Dona Sarkar-Mishra


TinaFerraro said...

Dona, Desperate Housewives threw me for a loop. When they return in the fall, will they be 5 years ahead?

And as a dedicated LOST fan, believe me when I say I am excited about tomorrow night!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I know what you mean Tina...I feel like the show will be totally anti-climatic if it continues from modern day...but if it continues 5 years later, we'll all be confused.

I guess we have to wait till fall to see!

MarjoleinBookBlog said...

im watching I'd do Anything on bbc 1. This is a live show contest where they search for the perfect Nancy for the London revival of the musical Oliver. its such fun to watch them sing! they are all really really good! last season there was a show like this here in the netherlands, but then for the part of Evita. this fall will start the search for Joseph for Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat! looking forward to it!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

That's awesome Marlayne....I LOVE Joseph on Broadway and would love to watch a show like that.

Just waiting for it to arrive in the US now!

stephhale said...

Desperate Housewives ended weird. Makes you wonder what the new season will be like.
I was bummed to find out that two of my fav shows, Cashmere Mafia & Women's Murder Club, got whacked!