Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dona Sarkar Rocks My World!

This week we're highlighting our critique partners -- and I'm lucky enough to have had Buzz Girl Dona Sarkar as a CP for the last two years. (Hey, it's our anniversary, Dona!)

Dona is amazing, talented, and gorgeous!

I just got to hang out with her in the city last Friday and we covered all 3 B's -- Books, Boys, and Buzz -- while we ate delicious yet tiny and expensive Tapas at a downtown hotspot. She's super fun to hang out with. And, not only did Dona help me launch my publishing career by critiquing Never Cry Werewolf, she's been a great help in plotting my novels and my life.

Did I mention she's a fashionista who can accessorize with the best of them? Just ask to see her shoe collection. Her polka dot stilettos are famous. But more than that, Dona is a great friend -- she's so encouraging and gracious. She is there in good times and bad!

In addition to having a successful technology career, Dona is also a YA success story -- her first Kimani-Tru YA novel, How to Salsa in a Sari, debuted this January and her second published novel, Shrink to Fit is due in August.

I'm so proud of her.

Kudos to you, Dona, on all your success! I couldn't ask for a better partner in literary crime. ;)

Show Dona some love, people!!



Heather Davis is the author of
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TinaFerraro said...

Happy CP anniversary! Nothing's more rewarding than a successful writing relationship, huh? And I want to see those polka dot stilettos!

Simone Elkeles said...

I cannot wait until we can hang out in San Francisco and I can finally get my book signed by Dona! Heather, I'm impatiently waiting for your book to come out, too!

Me said...

Dona is so awesome--you've got a fabu CP, Heath. And all of her shoes are famous. (Or infamous?)

Marley Gibson said...

Awww...happy anniversary, you two! Dona's just the sweetest! Love you both!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Aww, Heather, you are so so so sweet! Thanks so much...look out for tomorrow's post!