Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sharie Kohler/Sophie Jordan Rocks My World

When I think back to how I first met my amazingly talented critique partner, I'm still amazed. It was my second RWA meeting, the month of my first RWA conference--where I was going in as a Golden Heart finalist. Now, it was usually my M.O. to sit at an unoccupied table, but since I was determined to network in an attempt at making writing a real career, I decided to plop down at a table full of writers ... right next to fellow-unpubbed Sharie Kohler.

I don't want to think about what my career status would be right now if Sharie and I hadn't hooked up (she insists that she would have found me, even if I hadn't chosen that open seat next to her) but needless to say, I feel pretty lucky. Here's her story...

About a year after we met, Sharie sold her first historical romance (the first manuscript she wrote, by the way) to Avon, under the pseudonym Sophie Jordan. Once Upon A Wedding Night was a 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Nominee for Best Historical Romance. Her second historical romance, Too Wicked To Tame, was a USA Today Bestseller!!! Her third historical, One Night With You, came out in December and her fourth, Surrender To Me, comes out this July.

But wait, there's more! In between all those fabulous historical romances, she's also found time to pen a couple of amazing paranormal romances under her own name, Sharie Kohler--bringing her beautiful voice to the world of lycans (werewolves). Marked By Moonlight, with a super-sexy lycan-hunting hero and a mousy schoolteacher-turned-lycan, is the first in her Moon Chasers series and released from Pocket in December. The follow-up, Kiss Of A Dark Moon, comes out in October.

On top of all this authorial fabulousness, Sharie's an amazing critique partner and a terrific brainstormer. And--perfect for me, since I'm writing YA--she was a high school English teacher! You can friend Sharie on MySpace, but don't monopolize all of her time--she has a few books to write!

Only a few short months after her first sale, I had mine, too. I know it wouldn't have happened without her. Thank you, Sharie, for being my perfect match.

OH. MY. GODS. -- Dutton, available like NOW!


Anonymous said...

Ah, man!!! You rock my world, TLC. I'm blushing - you've suitably colored me red.

Of course, you failed to mention how much your insight and critiques helped to shape/improve my writing! Fortunately, I'm a sponge and absorbed every bit of your talented advice.

Thank YOU!


stephhale said...

What a sweet post! Because of Tera, I have been lucky enough to meet and spend lots of time with Sharie. She is one of those rare personalities that is SO easy to be with and you instantly feel like you've known her forever. You guys are so lucky you found each other! :)

TinaFerraro said...

I loved reading this post! I have heard so much about Sharie, through TLC and Steph, and because of her awesome author buzz, but it was great to learn her story and how she got together with Tera.