Friday, September 11, 2009

Animals and Ghosts….<ooh scary!>

Your girl Saturday here talking about Marley Gibson’s hot new releases Ghost Huntress: The Guidance and The Other Side: A Teen’s Guide to Ghost Hunting

For those of you who don’t know and love Marley like we do, she is easily one of the most beautiful, talented giving people I have ever known and I am SUCH a fan of her Ghost Huntress series!


If you want the chance to win a copy of her latest book THE GUIDANCE as well as TEEN’S GUIDE, please read on….if you dare!

I have never seen a ghost. Ever. Like my buddy TLC, I am a ghostly failure. I’ve tried and tried for years, but have been an epic failure. No ghosts, no presences, nothing.

But I have a feeling my cat, Ashton Sarkar-Mishra has seen them. There he is below...doesn't he look just he's seen something?

Often he'll be curled up on my lap napping and suddenly sit up and stare off into the distance, following something with his huge green eyes...

I always turn around to see what he's looking at and there's always.....


NOTHING! No ghost, no spirit.

There is an obscure superstition that because animals can see ghosts, when an animal sees a ghost someone can, from behind the animal, look between their ears toward where the animal is looking and see the ghost that they see.

I'm totally going to try and do this next time.

If I can get my kitty to hold still that is. So, to win your copies of the lovely Marley's books, please post either a comment about an animal-ghost experience, or just a spooky story!


Dona Sarkar-Mishra


Marley Gibson said...

I've heard that before, Dona! You'll have to try it out. Ash is ADORABLE!!!!

donnas said...

I lived in an apartment once and I was at the bottom of the stairs holding my cat with my back to the kitchen. I was holding him so that he was looking over my shoulder. There was no one in the kitchen at this time and it was a small one that was only split from the living room by a breakfast bar. All of a sudden his ears went back and he started hissing then jumped out of my arms and ran to the other end of the living room and hid under the desk. No clue what he might have seen since there really was no one else there but it was definitely something.

Sara said...

My cat does the same, I have to try that the next time!!

Ellz said...

I never heard that before. Actually, my dog does that all the time. Once he actually started growling at well, nothing. I didn't think too much of it but maybe he was seeing something I wasn't. Great post and good luck peering through your kitty's ears.

Heather R. Holden said...

My dog is always staring off into the distance, too, sometimes even barks at things that aren't there. Makes me wonder if she's spotting the ghosts of my previous doggies when she does that...

TinaFerraro said...

My first cat had a pretty mellow personality, but every now and then, she'd really rev up and race around the apartment/house like she was chasing something I couldn't see. I used it call it "chasing ghosts."

Kate at Read This Book! said...

My neighbour's dog is a very quiet dog and doesn't bark. But once, it was barking really loudly, growling and jumping around but I swear, there was no one there. The only time it ever barks, NO ONE is there. So I think it can sense that there is something there.

Hannah said...

Ugg! One time i was hanging at my BFF's house and we were outside and it was dark. There is this creepy old house that a lady supposedly died in. So anyway we were outside and this blueish light appears and there is this soft haunting song being sung by who know's what. My friends cats totally flipped out. It was totally scary but extremly cool at the same time.

How paranormal is that? Creepy. TTFN.

Llehn said...

This happened a day after my uncle passed away. I was in the house with my cousin when a wind blew the door open and the family dog, jumped to his feet. He was staring at something in the air and started to wag his tail. He then got his favorite ball out and acted as if he wanted to play with someone whom we couldn't see! Spooky!

Lori T said...

Ashton is a very handsome kitty!! I have heard that too, but I am also one of those people who have never seen a ghost or had any type of supernatural experience. I definitely believe that they are out there, but I have not as of yet experienced one.

Brodie said...

In the house we used to live in years ago, we all out in the backyard one night and had the neighbours over. We used to always get weird things happen in that house (the landlord told us just before we moved that someone had actually hanged themselves there) and that night a bunch of us were sitting just outside the backdoor and we kept hearing the floorboards creak inside, yet the front door was locked and no one else was inside. Then not longer after the neighbours cat was in our yard and started making noises and was just literally stuck to the fence. There was nothing holding it there, wasn't caught on anything, no one could move it away for a couple of minutes and it was just staring at this one spot. Kind of creepy! But living in that house... we were used to a lot of spooky things going on!

Natalie said...

I was once in my dorm room alone and my roommate's music box (which was put away in her desk drawer) started playing, even though I was on the other side of the room. We'd just watched The Haunting in Connecticut the night before, so it really freaked me out!

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