Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fortune Cookies: The Good, the Bad, and the Horrid

Okay, so continuing Tina's superstition-themed lucky number post, I wanna have a chat about fortune cookie fortunes. I Twittered/Facebooked yesterday that I got the worst. Fortune. Ever. Seriously. It was:
Your sports team will be very successful this year.
Some fortune, huh? Maybe if I was a die-hard Packers fan or something. (Not likely, btw.)

But my fortunes haven't always been so awful. I've got three that I've saved and keep tucked behind my drivers license in my wallet. They are:
  1. Your genuine talent will find it's way to success.
  2. You will make money and be able to keep it.
  3. Good news will be coming to you soon.
I'm hoping my talent as a writer is genuine and that it will eventually find it's way to success, and I'm still waiting on that money to save and that good news.

What about you? Have you ever gotten a really great (or really awful) fortune? Do tell.


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Lizzy said...

I have one fortune that I keep in my wallet, and pull out whenever I'm in a bad mood. It's by far the best fortune I've ever had, and it says

"You look pretty"

Ellz said...

I am actually supersticious and don't read them. Not sure why, its just one of those things.

GirlforChrist said...

You will have success in the near future......
That is so common!

TinaFerraro said...

Shortly before meeting my husband, I got a fortune that told me a tall, dark handsome stranger was coming my way. I liked that--a lot--and kept it under my desk blotter at work. And it came true!

And Lizzy, yours is so sweet!

kah said...

Yup. In the 90's I got a fortune that said "You will be the wealthiest person of this decade."
The 90's came and went. It was all a lie.

Brodie said...

Those three are definitely going to come true to you! Believing is the first step success (okay, I just made that up, but still... power to positive thinking!). I've never actually gotten any... I know, sad, I've never eaten a fortune cookie! -gasp-

Heather Davis said...

I keep getting one that says, "Your Love Life will soon improve." Uh... still waiting! ;)

Christina said...

I had one that said something like "You will do something you've never done before this weekend" and then I went to the Apple store for the first time. And then there is one I keep in my wallet b/c I got it when I was with my sister. It said something about best friends. I thought it was appropriate b/c she is my best friend.

(I just sent the email about last week's contest. Sorry it took me four days. Ga weather and school kept me extremely busy this week.)

Hannah said...

I got one that says "its best to deal with problems before they arise." i showed it to my bffand she's like "what the heck" and i'm like "does that mean i should punch austin in the face before he breaks my heart again? i do it gladly." seriously. i ended up ripping it up putting it inside the sandwich i was in the middle of eating and throwing it away. GOOD RIDANCE!!!!!