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BONUS PRIZE: The First Time I Went to a School Dance

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Today I'm talking about School Dances. When I was in eighth grade, ALL of my friends were allowed to go to our Very First School Dance. I begged and pleaded with my super-strict parents and finally I was allowed to go.
I picked out a dress I thought was cute (I wish I had a picture to post--hideous and dorky!) , got together with my best friend to do hair and finally I was ready.
I arrived at the school, waved good-bye to my Dad and gathered my courage.
I was too chicken to go inside. I watched my classmates come in and out of the gym, laughing, talking, and I hid behind a pillar. I remember distinctly that Mariah Carey's HERO was playing and I just hid in the corner for TWO HOURS.
I imagine this is what the inside of the gym looked like, I wouldn't know since I never WENT INSIDE!
Why was I so scared? I don't know. Maybe that I wouldn't want to be the dork standing alone, maybe I was afraid someone would actually ask me to dance.
I look back and laugh because I was able to overcome my fear of school dances and had a fantastic time at my High School Homecoming and Prom, but that eighth grade dance really did scar me for quite a few years.
Now, commentors, what is your best or worst school dance experience? Is it as dorky as mine?
Leave good stories!
Dona Sarkar-Mishra


ReggieWrites said...

School dances can be really bad...but if you don't go, it's like you never experience it! I had a dorky dress to my first dance as're not alone! LOL! :-)

Anonymous said...

The only school dances I ever went to were sock hops when I was in high school. I loved them because they were so informal and just a way of having fun.
wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

Kelsey said...

We didn't really have any dances when I was in the younger grades, so my first real dance was probably the eighth grade formal. It was so embarrassing everyone dressed up all fancy and when we got there everyone just stood around awkwardly. I think everyone has an embarrassing dance story!(:


Wendy said...

I was never really interested on going to school dances, I guess I thought I was too cool for them, lol.

Lexie said...

I suppose my first 'real' dance was 8th grade as well. I mean there had been dances before, but you can't count elementary dances where half the kids attending were with their parents, and 7th grade I was unable to go to school dances.

I remember getting excited for it, it was the graduation dance for my class. On the trip to Baltimore I had gotten the courage together to ask a male friend to go with me. Sadly he said no, because he wanted to go with my friend (who wanted to go with another guy who wanted to go with was almost Shakespearean...). But he did ask me to dance twice at the dance and at the last day of school dance two weeks later. It was my first and only good experience with a school dance. It all went downhill from there XD


Laurie T said...

For my eighth grade dance, my best friend kept calling me about last minute preparations and I was so worried myself, I developed my first migraine. Here I was ninety minutes before the dance, at home, puking, with a train roaring through my head. I did take a short nap, lots of aspirin, and made the dance, but it wasn't the great night I thought it would be. That special evening would be reserved for my senior prom:)

Tynga said...

None of my schools were really into dance so my only dance was my prom. And you could tell the guys had never danced before'cause I ended the evening with bleeding toes, for being stepped on to much lol.

Brooke Reviews said...

My favorite dance was my sophomore homecoming dance. My date and I got all dressed up. Showed up halfway through. Danced for one slow dance. Then went back to his house to watch movies with friends. :D


Unknown said...

I will never forget one of the first times I was asked to slow dance with a guy, I could feel him giving the thumbs up to his friends behind my back THE WHOLE TIME.

Katie said...

All the dances I've been to have been varying degrees of awkward. The boys stand on the periphery looking bored or confused. The girls attempt to dance - grinding on each other does NOT count as dancing! - but just end up looking like they're having a seizure. So, overall, experiences that I would never want to relive. =P

katiesbookshelf (at) ymail (dot) com

donnas said...

I dont have any really good dance stories. I biggest one I went to was prom and it was just a bunch of friends hanging out.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Wow! That's the best story ever! And here I thought I was shy.

My best dance experience was my junior prom. I went with my then boyfriend, now husband. It was his senior prom.
It was soooo boring!
It was crowded as all get out.
The music was bad. I didn't even dance! My feet hurt so bad! Stupid, beautiful heels!
But we ended up leaving early and "celebrating" in our own way. ;) Use your own "teenage, hormonal" imagination.
Overall it was a great night. One I'll always remember.

Unknown said...

2 my school dance i didn't even dance there where so many other things 2 do i got distracted. plus it was so hot and loud in the room how would want 2 go in.

Morgan said...

I tried on a pink strappless dress at the store and fell in love with it. I couldn't fill it out all the way due to my small chest but I still loved it and bought it. At the dance I was dancing along to the music-arms above head- and all of a sudden my dress fell down. I flashed everyone. Good thing it was dark or else someone would have saw. Or maybe someone did see.

Lori T said...

Oh the joys of school dances. I remember spending all that time getting ready and then being so nervous. After finally heading inside...I remember standing around waiting. Wanting to dance but not really wanting to dance.

Kate at Read This Book! said...

So far I have only been to one dance. It was fun and enjoyable. It was kind of awkward cos it was everyone's first dance. I loved my dress though, it was gorgeous. =D

-Kate at Read This Book!
kate.readthisbook [at] gmail [dot] com

Sara said...

That sounds like me, but I actually went in to the dance, then hid in a corner! ;) hehe

Jax said...

My schools really were not big on dances either, so the only dances I went to were three proms. I actually had a blast at them it was kind of like my wedding dance you get all primped and feel like a princess. Although, don't ever tell anyone I said that Hee hee....