Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My (Lack of) Ghost Story

It's back-to-back release weeks here on the Buzz blog, and this week it's a double release! Congrats, Marley, on GHOST HUNTRESS 2: THE GUIDANCE and THE OTHER SIDE: A TEEN'S GUIDE TO GHOST HUNTING AND THE PARANORMAL!

In honor of Marley's ghosty books, we're talking spooky stories this week. Which is a really grate theme and all, only... I don't have any.

Seriously, I've made it to my advanced years without a single paranormal encounter. It's not that I haven't tried. I mean, I love cemeteries, crumbling historic buildings, and anything generally old and scary. I'm ready, willing and able, to see something out of this world, but nothing. Not one unnatural chill or hovering ball of light or weird hazy apparition. And I have to ask: What gives? Am I the only wannabe-non-skeptic who's been left doubting?

To be entered to win a copy of each of Marley's new books leave a comment answering one of the following questions:

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?


Have you gone looking for one, but come up empty?


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Wendy said...

Nope! Can't say I've ever had a paranormal experience, nor can I say that I would look for one, either! I'm a bit of wimp.

Heck, sometimes I can't even walk to the kitchen in the dark without thinking there's a monster waiting for me there!

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I haven't gone looking for one but I do remember when I was like 3 or 4, waking up from a nap in my bedroom, which was kinda in a large bypass room (hallway), and seeing a man standing right outside my parents room looking into it wearing a trench coat with his hand in his pocket holding what could only be a gun. I immediately shut my eyes and went back to sleep. I never mentioned it to my parents. I was too scared. I don't know if it was real or if I was dreaming it was real or what. It will forever haunt me.

TinaFerraro said...

I heard about a ghost who frequented my last place of work. People saw it in two particular places, and saw it the same way.
But I never saw, heard or felt a thing! Which on one hand, disappointed me, but on the other, didn't!

Lizzy said...

I've never witnessed anything paranormal, but I've definitely gone looking for it. I'm a big fan of anything Ghost Hunter-esque (including the show, obviously). I was always really into old buildings that might be haunted. Of course, I say that I'd love to witness something paranormal...but if I ever did I'm sure I'd run out screaming.

TinaFerraro said...

As a P.S., for more on "ghosts I haven't seen" (plus another chance to win BOTH of Marley's books), return tomorrow to read and comment on my blog!

jpetroroy said...

I can't say that I have, although its nice to imagine whenever I'm in a particularly old house.


Jo said...

I've never had a paranormal experience, but I wouldn't as I don't believe in things like that. They're only in books and movies.

But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy said books and movies. Fiction's a great thing!

Email: joannestapley[at]googlemail[dot]com

sarah said...

I swear I saw a ghost when I was five...

There was the ghostly figure that I saw in the distance cross quickly through a field (we were RVing it that summer). It even passed behind a tree.

Sadly, while there were other people there - no one else saw it. They were looking at an armadillo, and I didn't get to see an armadillo!

Ellz said...

Unlike you and your sense of adventure, I avoid spooky, creepy places like the plague. I can read something scary, but I can't watch it and if I had to live it, I'd probably pee my pants.

Anne said...

Would saying that we live in a ghostly abode qualify as having had a paranormal experience, then I guess so. We know that our neighborhood was built on the remains of an old farm, but have not found out its history (deaths, etc). Right now it's quiet around here, but that could change at any moment! Whoever they are, they're pesky at best...thankfully not worse!

Tynga said...

Well I don't think I ever had a supernatural experience, but I'm easily spooked so I don't watch that kind of show late at night =P

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a house backed up to the town cemetary. Every creepy, cold night my brothers and I would dare each other to do stupid, not-so-scary in retrospect things. Once my brother swore he felt something crawl over his shoe. It was proabably just a snake.

Erica said...

I've never really had a paranormal experience, unless you count when I'm home alone and upstairs I hear footsteps walking around...

MD said...

Never had a paranormal experience -and that's the way I like it!

Llehn said...

I'm too chicken to ever go hunting for the paranormal and I'm happy to say that I haven't had any experience with it either. (And I'd like to keep it that way.)

Cari said...

I've gone looking for encounters several times. Nothing!

I remember playing "Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather" with my sister and cousins. Each person with two fingers under the person in the middle of the circle. We chanted, anticipating lifting the person in the middle.

Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather
Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather
Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather

And all we caught glimpses of was finger sprain.

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Hannah said...

Ugg! One time i was hanging at my BFF's house and we were outside and it was dark. There is this creepy old house that a lady supposedly died in. So anyway we were outside and this blueish light appears and there is this soft haunting song being sung by who know's what. My friends cats totally flipped out. It was totally scary but extremly cool at the same time.

How paranormal is that? Creepy. TTFN.

Lori T said...

Happy Release week Marley!!

I have not had a paranormal experience of any kind in all my years and I do think that I am pretty open minded.

Sara said...

I never had a paranomal experience, but if I do I'll probably freak out!

ReggieWrites said...

I've never had a direct paranormal exprience...but my friend says she saw a vampire...I didn't believe her, but she looked totally scared!

Reggie :-)


Anonymous said...

I've never had a paranormal experience and I've never gone looking for one.
I wold love to be entered in your draw. Thanks!

Heather Davis said...

Yes! I have seen ghosts before! Our family has a long history of psychic sensitivity. It can be pretty creepy when weird stuff happens!

Froggy said...

oh I have! I was about 10. I was asleep on the couch and woke up to see a ghost rocking in a rocking chair...my father saw her too and soon after had a heart attack. He figured the ghost was telling him to relax.