Friday, May 30, 2008

One man's treasure or just a bunch of crap?

Tis the season to break out the Sharpie graffiti'd cardboard box and throw it at the end of the street. What's that? You have no idea to what I'm referring? It's rummage sale season! Here in the Midwest, Fridays and Saturdays are meant for putting up your garage door and rolling out all the crap you don't need anymore. Throngs of people descend upon your driveway to cart away your worn-out Nikes or the toy your kid just had to have but then only played with twice.
Rummage sales are a lot of work but they can also be very fun. It's a great way to rid your house of excess "stuff", plus you walk away with some pretty good cash. If you've never been to a rummage sale, here are a few tips.

1) Please do not hand me a twenty dollar bill when you are buying something for a quarter, especially at six o' clock in the morning. It will not go over well.

2) Please do not let your child play with all of the toys for an hour and then not buy anything.

3) Please do not haggle with me over something marked ten cents. Seriously.

4) Please do not go through all my old clothes for sale and complain that they are just TOO big.

5) Do show up as I'm getting ready to close and offer me fifty bucks for everything! :)

Believe it or not, rummage sales are a great way to meet people. And you just never know when you might find that treasure you've been searching for.

So, are you a rummager or is your idea of a hand-me-down dating your b/f/f's b/f?

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Anonymous said...

I love rummage sales. We have a couple every year and it's my favorite way to get rid of my old stuff AND get money. I love going to them to. Last weekend, I went to one and got cds for .50 each. So yeah, they rock. :)

TinaFerraro said...

I've thrown a few myself, and got good laughs out of your tips list. And reading this brought back a great memory of once having found a pair of jeans for $1.00 at a rummage sale and how I wore them to shreds...

Wendy Roberts said...

I love going to the sales but hate putting them together myself. It's sooo much work to convince my kids to part with anything. Much easier to convince them that it mysteriously disappeared LOL!

Breanna said...

My mom and I love rummage sales. When its rummage sale season we always drive or walk around looking for signs pointing us to one. I love looking through people's old things, its fun, lol.

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I WISH we had these where I live! I could imagine spending hours poring through people's books and buying 35 of them for $5. :)