Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Seen a Sasquatch lately?

Hello Buzz fans!

After a jaunt to NYC, I'm back and happy to post on ye olde Buzz Blog. Yay! Though I love the Big Apple, I'm so happy to be back in the land of Thai Food and Indie espresso shops.

So, immediately after landing here in the Rainy City, I headed with a friend to the NW best live Concert/Festival -- Sasquatch.
Every year, this giant event showcases NW and global bands, complete with lots of food and oodles of sunshine. It's held at the Columbia River Gorge Ampitheater in George, Washington. (Really the town's name.) With the exception of Red Rocks in Denver, CO, the Gorge is probably the most beautiful concert venue in America. Not that I'm biased or anything.

We went to George for the Sunday line up -- The Presidents, Death Cab for Cutie, The Kooks, The Cure and a ton of other bands. The two hour drive from Seattle was beautiful and luckily my friend kept reminding me to put on more sunscreen. For those of you who have never been to Washington, there is a wet side (Seattle and Western Washington) and a dry, desert-like side -- East of the Cascade Mountains. The variety of topography is one of the things that makes the NW a great place to live...

Anyway, we got to the Gorge in early afternoon and scoped out the scene. There is a giant lawn where you can spread your blankets, break out the snacks and jam out. It was hilarious trying to meet up with my friends as the text and cellphone situation was spotty at best, but eventually we found them and hung out.

As the night wore on, couples tangled in covers and little kids conked out while dreaming up at the cloud-hidden stars. The Cure lit up the night with old hits and new songs.
The scent of Elephant Ears (do you have those pastries everywhere?) and grilling hot dogs blended with the smell of warm earth and damp grass -- and it was suddenly summer again.

Do you do the music festival thing?



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TinaFerraro said...

Heather, I haven't done the festival thing in years, but this really brought back some great memories. So glad you had fun, and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

OMGS ROFL...I thought you meant "Bigfoot" not a music festival...I really need a vacation!


The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

I LOVE The Cure!! I had no idea they were playing at the Gorge. I've only been the the Gorge once, but not for the concerts. I have a dislike of camping, so my idea of an outdoor concert would be the ones during the summer at Marymoor Park. I saw UB40 there last summer. SO great!


stephhale said...

My first thought was also of a big hairy beast. This looks much better than that! :) I think my last concert was Slaughter. I know, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh YES! I love Coachella. I've been the past two years. And nothing could compare to seeing Prince live! WOW! Blew me away. Here's some pics of the festival.


Tons o' fun with Flogging Molly too...my hubby even ended up in the mosh:)

Anonymous said...

As a windsurfer, the Gorge is like Mecca. This festival sounds incredible--so sad I missed it!

The Golfing Librarian said...

Do they still have the winery there? Last time I was there they allowed everyone 2 bottles of wine/person. It made for an interesting drive home for us nondrinkers!
I saw Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman there in the late 80's. Back then, "George" the town, was about the same size as "Martha" the 1st Lady. HAs it grown any?