Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Buzz Girls!

This week marks the anniversary of the Buzz Girls Blog. Three Years Old and Going Strong! So we're going to spend the week doing some reminiscing...

It’s hard to imagine that three years ago I was a newly contracted pre-published author, and now I’ve got three books on the shelves! The time just flew past me in a blur of copy edits, brainstorming sessions, book launches, and over 150 blog posts!

In celebration, I pulled out some favorite pictures from my moments with the Buzz Girls to share...

Me at the Dallas RWA Conference in July, 2007, participating in my first Literacy Signing. And FYI, see the pink boa in front of me? That was from Tera and Steph because they knew it was my birthday!

A group shot of all of us (Marley, too--sort of) from that same conference.

Simone Elkeles reading my book in the Dead Sea! (Simone needed to bow out of the Buzz Girls earlier this year due her hectic schedule, but she'll always be a Buzz Girl in spirit!)

Tera and me screaming "Rita!" after accepting our finalist certificates at the Washington, D.C. RWA Conference in July, 2009.

* * * * *

Finally, a very fitting "now and then" photo, one I happened upon in reviewing the conference blogs. Here is Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency at the 2007 Dallas RWA Conference, pretending to give Marley Gibson (who couldn't make the conference) a big hug. Elaine worked as the assistant to Deidre Knight, who is Marley's agent.

Well, at the 2009 RWA conference, I signed with Elaine and The Knight Agency! As did Dona, just days before!

So--three fun years of writing books and writing blogs and being great friends. In celebration of such, I'll pick one name from my commenters to receieve a signed copy of any one of my books (winner's choice). All you have to do is write one memory from our Buzz Girls blog for the past three years (and if you are totally blank or this is your first time visiting, the words "Mark Wahlberg" is quite sufficient.) Good luck!


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Ellz said...

Congrats, isn't it amazin how time flies. Now the next question is whrere will you be in another six years?

Janie Emaus said...

My favorites memories all involve those fun filled days in Dallas when I got to hang out with the Buzz person.

What fun we had!

TinaFerraro said...

Another six years? Wow--how about writing YA novels from a villa in Italy?

And yes, Janie, we had SOME fun in Dallas!

Sara said...

Love the last photo! So cute.
my favourite moment was definitely when I won Goddess boot camp!


stephhale said...

Ah, Dallas. The last time I got to see the BBG's in person (with the exception of TLC)! I loved seeing all those pictures. I had forgotten about the one of Elaine (how ironic)and could she be any cuter? I think not. Thanks for three great years, Tina!

Froggy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Mark Wahlberg..hehe


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!


Kelsey said...

Wow, that's awesome. Since I'm a relatively new follower... Mark Wahlberg? (:


Cara King said...

My main memory is not from the blog per se, but of the neat session you all did at the RWA conference in San Francisco. That was fun! And highly informative.


Me said...

Aw, such great memories on those pics, Tina. The "Marley on a Stick" (Steph's idea, btw) is a classic! Sometimes it's too easy to forget all the little things...

I'll be sharing my memories of the last three years tomorrow, but I don't think I can top this.

(Oh, and Kelsey. Don't even get Tina started on Mark Wahlberg!)

Llehn said...

Congrats on all those wonderful times! Brings a tear to my eye. Sniff ... sniff ...

Thao said...

Happy anniversay, Buzz Girls :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 3 year anniversary!
Very inspirational to read your blog post.
Loved the pictures!
"mark wahlberg"
All the best,

cait045 said...

One of my favorite stories is from December 01, 2008 and the title was Hooking a Hottie with a Prom Dress. I thought the story was so cute and funny.

TinaFerraro said...

The contest is closed! Thanks to all who entered!

jpetroroy said...

Hm...I'm new, as well, so Mark Wahlberg!!

jpetroroy (at) gmail (dot) com

Marley Gibson said...

Love the walk down memory lane!!!

Heather Davis said...

I love all these pictures, Tina! thanks for the great retrospective.

love, love, love,