Monday, January 18, 2010

What to Do With Ivy?

Rain is coming to Los Angeles. We're hearing four storms, back-to-back.

And for those of us in the foothills that were so devastatingly burned by the Station Fire last August/September, this could mean mudslides, flash flooding--and evacuation.

But as I've raced about these past couple of days, trying to make contigency plans for my family and pets, what comes to mind once again is: What to do with Ivy?

Ivy is the feral cat who lives in our yard. She showed up about two summers ago to sneak in our cat door and eat the remains of our cats' meals. She's a pretty, long-haired cat (okay, kind of mangy, but she could be pretty) and some neighbors think she was abandonded by a family whose house was repossessed. Some think she was born feral. Some think SHE is a HE. We may never know because she won't let any humans near her. Not even me...the cat whisperer who feeds her twice a day!

Here is a rare photo of Ivy, and while I realize she looks like she only has one functioning eye, I promise, her eyes are just fine. And this was as close as we could get with the camera before she took off...

I always feel so badly for her when it's cold. And especially when it rains. Her feral instincts prevent her from seeking shelter or trying anything "new." What I have finally decided is to try an open tent: a tarp over a piece of patio furniture, loosely covering an elevated box, a blanket and a lot of dry food. And hope for the best!

And then I wonder if I'm trying too hard. She's essentially a wild animal. And it's not like I'm making shelters for the squirrels and birds, too!

Anyway, as much as I normally love rain, these storms sound intense. Wish us the best and I'll give you an update on how we did--and how Ivy fared--next Monday!


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Janie Emaus said...

I'm betting that Ivy will do just fine. Please do keep us posted.

Wendy Toliver said...

I bet she'll be fine too. Cats are the most amazing animals. Love the name Ivy, BTW.

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks! And here's an update: she actually checked out her little tent. I know because she left dirty paw prints. Actually warmed my heart! But then the rains grew heavy and she took off. My husband is sure she has a "safe house" somewhere...

stephhale said...

You are so sweet to worry about Ivy, Tina. I'd take it as a good sign that she took off when the rains got heavy. Hopefully she found a building to sneak into where she will be safe.

Cara King said...

Yes, please update us on Ivy next week! When the rain first started yesterday I thought "piece of cake!" but then it kept getting heavier and heavier... I hope everyone in the burn areas is okay (I heard some were evacuated again...sigh...) and I hope the the flooding and mudsliding keeps to a minimum!


Heather Davis said...

Aww. You are such an animal lover, Tina. I hope Ivy will be all right. ;)