Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hump Day Hottie #4

How do I love Gary Dourdan, let me count the ways... Okay, so I can think of three good reasons to love Gary, best known for his role as Warrick Brown in the original CSI.

1. Those EYES! Along with the majority of commenters from last week’s post, I’m an eye girl (okay, and eye and hair girl, but we’ll get to that later). Gary’s eyes are this light green that just seem to glow when the light catches them just right. Those eyes could make you forgive and forget just about anything.

2. His hair. Not the hair from the early seasons, but how he has it now with all those cute little curlicues bouncing out all over. I just love that whole “squiggle drawing” look. This may have something to do with the fact that dark brown curly hair is my downfall, my Achilles heel.

3. That crinkly forehead thing. Omigod, I love that! If a guy can crinkle his forehead I think that’s just one of the sexiest things ever... maybe because my own forehead has zero crinkle capability. I think this goes along with the whole “sophisticated, worldly man” thing that Sean Connery and Harrison Ford have going for them. The kind of thing that just gets better with age.

4. This may be the biggest one of all: Intelligence. No, I have no idea whether Gary himself has two thoughts to rub together, but Warrick is wicked smart. Intelligence is such an attractive force. I’m not talking about that super-geeky, “all I have to offer is an academic knowledge and I’ll be happy to prove how smart I am at any opportunity” kind of intelligence. More like intelligence born of confidence and experience. Again, that whole “sophisticated, worldly man” thing.

Which all leads me into this installment of Hottie Question of the Week:

Have you ever fallen for a guy who would otherwise never be your type just because of his intelligence/talent? (I include talent because sometimes, especially in creative fields, “intelligence” for that particular art is often labeled talent.)

Although I often find myself falling for intelligence/talent over my own best interests--translation: the guy’s a jerk but I can’t help it--there was the case of my senior crush in high school. There was this guy who was pretty much a jerk, tall but scrawny, and not particularly attractive--yet because he was one of the smartest guys in our class I wound up with a huge crush on him. Does this happen to other girls, or am I a freak of nature?

Meanwhile, enjoy the Gary Dourdan eye candy...he’s well worth the cavities.


Marley Gibson said...

Those are some gooooorgeous eyes.

But I have no clue who this guy is!!! = )

stephhale said...

Gary doesn't really do it for me, but I'd take Grissom anyday!
I don't know if I've ever fallen for somebody just for their intelligence. but that's kind of like when you fall for someone you never would have been attracted to upon first meeting but then after a while they grow on you. know what I mean? Was that like the biggest runon sentence ever? :)
ps-I used to totally love csi but it got too gory at one point. Like an episode actually made me throw up gory, okay, so I was pregnant, but still. so i can't watch it anymore.

TinaFerraro said...

In my single days, I had lots and lots of crushes, some even I didn't understand! Being a jerk did not disqualify a guy from my good graces.

In fact, that's the basic premise behind TOP TEN USES FOR AN UNWORN PROM DRESS, the fact a good-looking devil dumps her right before the prom. And how her head tells her she should hate him, but her heart still has some catching up to do.

(Okay, this response really wasn't meant as a book promo, but sometimes you can't help yourself!)

About Gary, I've only watched the show a few times, but yeah, those eyes made a memory. Thanks for today's eye candy!

GeminiWisdom said...

You're just a freak of nature. LOL. I agree with Steph, too. Gary doesn't do it for me either, despite the fact that he has really pretty eyes. My niece has eyes like that. I so look forward to your Hump Day Hottie posts. Can't wait to see who the hottie will be next week

Anonymous said...

Yeah Gary's a hottie from way back. He used to have long dreads when he was "Sha-za" on A Different World. He was hot then in a earthy, sandal wearing way.

And as far as being attracted to a guy for his intelligence...I can't think of a specific example. But I will say that plenty of times I'll find that I'm physically attracted to a guy for things totally unrelated to looks.

I'm a basketball groupie and I love basketball players when they're agressive on defense or very fast (on the court).

Yuh, I'm weird.

Ooh my Word verification says:
frxut...hmmm..sounds like "freaks it." Naughty!

Simone Elkeles said...

Those eyes are awesome! When I was younger, it was all about the looks. Sometimes it was just the eyes that did it for me, but most of the time it was the entire package.
To be honest, the more intelligent guys were the less happy guys in my life. It's like they knew what was wrong with their lives and it depressed them. When a guy isn't trying to overanalyze everything, it makes life so much more fun!

Anonymous said...

My downfall is a guy who can sing.
Or one who looks like a Greek God. Henry Cavill for example. And who knows... maybe Henry can sing as well... I wish...