Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Simone's Book Arrives!

Yesterday it was such a thrill to pick up a copy of our own Buzz Girl Simone Elkeles's book How to Ruin a Summer Vacation at the downtown Seattle Barnes and Noble. I'd seen the ARC in Atlanta at the Romance Writers' Conference, but holding the real thing in my hot little hands and ponying up the cash to purchase it was amazing.

I met Simone last year in Reno at the RWA conference. We'd both finalled in the Chick Lit Chapter's Stiletto contest in the YA category (she won!) and had started emailing back and forth. It was lovely to find someone on the rise in YA who wanted to share the experience with me. This summer, we decided (along with the fabulous Dona Sarkar-Mishra) to blog and the Buzz Girls were born.

So now, imagine how awesome it is for me now to have Simone's book on my night table? It makes me dream about the day my own book will be out there in the universe. It will be a while, but the butterflies are already starting.

Anyway, I can't wait to crack open the first official release of the Buzz Girls and start reading! Yay, Simone! http://simoneelkeles.com

In the months to come, the Buzz Girls will have many more releases to celebrate! This is going to be so fun.

Buzz Girls Rock!


Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I can't wait to hit the local bookstores this weekend and start recommendeding Simone's book to the booksellers. The gals at my local Kirkland bookstore are SO wonderful and are always on the look out for the next big thing!


TinaFerraro said...

Yea to Simone! I've been lucky enough to already read it, and I'm busy recommending it, too!

And Heather, I'm sorry I missed you in Reno. That's where I met Simone, too, since we are both represented by Nadia, and we had some fun times together. I never did join the Chick Lit Chapter, so I missed that party.

Hope to see you all in Dallas!


Marley Gibson said...

I remember Reno well. What a time!!!

Simone...soooo excited to read your book. Huge Congrats on it!

And Heather...it won't be long until we read your tome, as well!

Hugs all around,
Marley = )


stephhale said...

I met Simone last April in Chicago at Spring Fling. She did an amazing job of putting together a wonderful conference. I only saw her briefly in Atlanta. I had no idea how overwhelming (but fun)my first RWA conference would be! I am SO looking forward to Dallas! I predict a huge buzz girls party in our future! And of course it was wonderful seeing you a few weeks ago, Simone! I hope you sell millions of copies!!! :)

Simone Elkeles said...

You ladies are an inspiration to me and I am so lucky to have connected with such a bunch of amazing and supportive women!

My heart is overflowing with thanks!

I hope you all enjoy the book and I will be first in line when yours are on the shelves!

~Simone Elkeles

Me said...

I don't know if Simone remembers, but we actually met at the 2005 New England Chapter RWA conference. It was at the very first session, the Ice-Breaker, and I remember her talking about coming from Chicago and having just gotten her agent. I was so jealous =)

I'm going to my mailbox as soon as I post my blog and hopefully HTRASM will be there! I had tried to buy/order it at the WaldenBooks in my nearest mall but they were, um, morons who couldn't even find it, Simone, or Flux in the system. So, I then ordered it from Amazon (because B&N only had 3 copies left and I didn't want to deprive a potential new reader) like the day before Steph got the autographed copies.

So, like Heather, I have a copy that I'll be passing on to either my 13-year-old cousin or someone who actually reads! =)

Simone Elkeles said...

You guys are so special, as a new author it's amazing that people are actually reading my words. It's a totally surreal feeling.

Kim, when you get the book tell me what you thought of it!