Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hump Day Hottie #6

There is a special place in my heart for Paul Walker. Not only because of his beautiful blonde hair and his brilliant blue eyes. Not because he was such a great bad guy in She's All That or because he was such a kick-a$$ good guy in The Fast and the Furious. Not because he's a fellow Virgo. (But really, all that helps.)

No, I love Paul Walker because he started my writing career. Okay, let me explain. Back in January 2003 I was living at home, working for my parents, and pretty much trying to figure out what to do with my life. I had been trying off and on to write a book so I could get published. (So I could get rich and move out of my parents' house!) I even had a plan.

First, I would start small by entering the 100-words-or-less on how your mother influenced the romance in your life Mother's Day contest from Harlequin. The grand prize was a trip for two to Puerto Rico... and I WON!

Second, I would enter the eHarlequin Writing Round Robin contest which consisted of writing a chapter of approximately 1,000 words for a continuing story... and I WON!

Next, I would submit a short story to a small press that published anthologies of holiday-themed stories of 5,000-7,000 words. I submitted one set on Father's Day... and I didn't win because the house shut down. =(

Finally, I figured, after working my way up from 100 to 1,000, to 7,000 words, I was ready to write an actual, full-length category (read: shorter) book. So, I set out to write CLUB SCENE -- the story of Destiny Kane, a nightclub promoter in South Beach who was running from her past and Vance James, a private investigator hot on her tail. (It sounds much better in this one-sentence distilled version than it ever did on paper.) In my head and in the photo pinned up over my computer, Vance James was Paul Walker.

Though I never finished that book (my attention drifted, with the discovery of Julia Quinn, to historicals and I wrote the story that became my Golden Heart finalist) I still feel like Paul Walker is my first and forever hero. =)

With today's eye candy, consider the question: Do you put "real-life" guys into your hero's shoes, picturing a movie star/model/athelete/musician in his role? (This goes for writers and readers!)


TinaFerraro said...

Yes, Tera Lynn, I admit I do "cast" actors into my YA stories. Jesse Bradford, who is the teen hunk in "Swimfan" and "Bring It On" bears an uncanny resemblance to Jared McCreary, the hottie in TOP TEN USES FOR AN UNWORN PROM DRESS (or maybe I should say, vice-versa).

I wasn't familiar with Paul Walker, but now that you've introduced me, I will not be a stranger!

And you won TWO Harlequin writing contests?!? I am mega-impressed. The best I ever did at Harlequin was a personalized (and not form, mind you) rejection letter. :)


Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Tina! How could you not know about Paul Walker?? haha! ;D I am another fan.

Yes, sometimes I picture celebs as my characters and other times, I envision my own person and piece them together like a sculpture.

Thanks for sharing, Tera Lynn!

stephhale said...

Lord have Mercy that boy is FINE!!!! Paul makes me quiver! I loved him in F&F, that dog movie that made me bawl my eyes out, Into the Blue, Joyride, etc. I could go on foreva! LOVE HIM!!!!
Yes, I do picture characters as famous people. I also picture them as people from my day to day life or past. I know we aren't supposed to admit that though! :)
Thanks for the eye candy, TLC! And so cool about your wins. You are a force to be reckoned with!

Young Adult Authors said...

OMG, yes! I always use real life inspiration for my heroes.

In my Werewolf book, there was no question that my hero was Orlando Bloom and Heath Ledger all mixed together. Could an English rockstar's son get any hotter than that combination?

And *yum* to Paul Walker. :)

Marley Gibson said...

Tera, Tera, canNOT have my Paul Walker. He is mine, mine, all mine. (Don't worry, my husband understands.) LOL!!

Yes, I always cast my characters and I have used Paul Walker before -- and will again. I usually do character cards where I just throw a bunch of pictures of Person X together in a Word document so I can refer to it when I need to describe their eyes, hair, clothes, etc. It's great to have a visual.

And WOW...I didn't know you'd won two contests like that, either. Tres impressive.

Very strange, but I have almost an EXACTLY plotted out romance like yours set in South Beach. Great minds think alike?

Marley = )

GeminiWisdom said...

Gawd day-um that it is one rockin' shot of Paul's, well, rockin' body. Have I mentioned that I SO look foward to Wednesdays over here?

And like everyone else here, yes, I use physical attributes of famous people as well. In my first book, I used Jenny Von Oy (Blosson's best friend, Six, on the show "Blossom) as my main heroine's best friend. My second book, the boy was an actor that I've seen once or twice (Michael McLafferty)and his looks just DID IT for me.

My current WIP--a teen series--the main heroine has the physical characteristics of my niece and her best friends were Claire Dane's best friends on the show "My So-Called Life".

Simone Elkeles said...

I don't know Paul Walker, but he's pretty cute.

My characters are a mix and match of a bunch of guys and girls I know. I don't have a specific person in mind, although that's a great idea!

~Simone Elkeles