Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jack...or Sawyer?

At 2005 National Romance Writers of America conference, my roommate, Cindy Munoz, turned me onto the TV show, “Lost”. Out-of-context, the plot was confusing, but the, uh...scenery...was enough to pique my interest.

I went on to watch the entire first year on DVD. And now I have also finished with season two. And oh, baby, I may never be the same...

For me, it’s more than an TV show, an adventure, a mystery, a paranormal fantasy. Or maybe I should say it is less. It is a single, burning question: Jack...or Sawyer? (Okay, Sayid fans...I agree he and some of the other guys are hot, too, but for the sake of argument, let’s stick with my main men.)

Jack: The doctor. Strapping. Strong, emotionally and physically. The island’s natural leader.

Sawyer: The cowboy. Total eye candy, from the stalwart chin to the six pack abs. Wounded, sarcastic, playful, bad boy.

How could Kate--the object of their mutual affection--even begin to choose? Does she make a list of their high points? (Including: Jack has access to the antibiotics in case I get a bladder infection; Sawyer’s got the guns.) A list of their lows? (Like: When we finally get off this island, Jack’s bound to return his obsessive career; Sawyer’s never earned an honest dollar in his life.) Or does she simply go whichever way the winds of her heart blow?

Okay, so my answer? It’s kind of cheating. I want both. Sawyer on the island (and yes, Steph Hale, I AM willing to fight you for him), and when we get saved, I’m switching to Team Jack. Because hey, it’s fantasy, so I can have what I want.

How about you? Is it Jack? Sawyer? (Or one of the others?) ‘Fess up!

And those of you who have never seen “Lost”? Enjoy the scenery, courtesy of the Buzz Girls!

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Me said...

Am I the only girl who hasn't seen LOST? I need to catch up.

Anyway, without the benefit of having seen the show, I'm going to have to vote for Jack... for many reasons. 1) Still love Matthew Fox from the PARTY OF FIVE days. 2) I'm a total sucker for the Alpha male--give me a natural leader over a tortured lost soul any day. 3) For some reason, I've been into the whole "buzz cut" look lately. (i.e. Scott Foley on THE UNIT, Channing Tatum in SHE'S THE MAN, and Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell on PRISON BREAK)

So, count one for Jack.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that this season I'm LOST as to what is going on with the plot. But putting that aside, I do enjoy watching both Jack and Sawyer and I loved it when Sawyer kissed Kate. I think it was last week's episode.

I have to vote for Sawyer. There is just something about the way he looks at me through the TV.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

I've seen an episode or two of Lost, but I was lost--haha--so I knew I was going to have to rent the dvds, but I have to say Sawyer is HOT. On the other hand, I do remember Party of 5 fondly and well, I've known Matthew longer and he has my vote for Jack!

Simone Elkeles said...

Tera Lynn,

I'm strictly a reality show junkie, so I've never seen LOST either.

Just from the pics, I'd take Jack. (although Sawyer is nothing to sneeze at.

I just want to know where "The Miz" and Coral are on Real World/Road Rules challenge!

~Simone Elkeles
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TJ Brown said...

Yeah, I want both too. Preferably creamed on toast. With a little Sayid on the side. Cause I really, really love Sayid. I would probably choose him first, but I am hopelessly fickle!

Anonymous said...

Well, having been the 'culprit' who forced you to watch the show for the very first time, you KNOW who I am going to chose. HAHAHAHA!

Who can resist that Southern blond boy with that twinkle in his baby blues?!?! And who said anything about LEAVING the island? From the looks of things this season, The Others have some pretty nice digs that include my personal travel necessities -- running water and electricity. YAY! Besides, I was married to a job-driven workaholic once...NEVER AGAIN!

Glad you're still a "Lost" fanatic! (misery loves company and all that)

stephhale said...

Oh Tina, you make me laugh! I guess everybody already knows I'd pick Sawyer. My cousin's cousin works in wardrobe on the show and I keep begging her to steal something of his for me! I have to admit that I have 3 weeks (all the new ones) on my TIVO list and just haven't sat down and watched them yet, sounds like I need to get on it. You should all know that even though Sawyer is easy on the eyes the episode that told me we should be together 4-eva was when he was sitting on the beach wearing those geeky glasses reading a JUDY BLUME book. I wrote her and told her about it and she was going to try and get it on DVD. Hmmm....I wonder if my cousin's cousin could sneak him REVENGE to read on the beach...hmmmm........
fun post, Tina!

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, everyone! I loved all your comments!

Now, I don't know why I counted because both Jack and Sawyer are MINE, but the vote is dead even now: Jack (3), Sawyer (3), and Jack-and-Saywer (2).

Anyone game to be the tie-breaker?

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I'm a total LOST junkie :)

I watched the entire season 1 on DVD in two days and I died over each episode in Season 2. Like you guys, I'm finding season 3 a bit...huh, but back to the question.

Sawyer all the way baby! Other than Sayid (who I was obsessively in love with during season 2...when you-kno-who died...oh my god, poor guy!) I can't take my eyes of that amazing bad-boy.


Marley Gibson said...

You know...I don't watch LOST (even though I tried) and I have to say that "Jack" will always be Charlie Salinger from PARTY OF FIVE to me. LOL!!

Marley = )

Anonymous said...

I have to say... I still miss Boone. He was one of the only sane guys on the island. Plus, he was totally sweet helping out Shannon every time she was in trouble (even if she was using him). And he wasn't too bad to look at either... But Charlie's pretty high on my list too. One can always use a little humor when you are stranded on a paranormal island with POLAR BEARS!!!

But now to the main question: I'd have to go with Jack. I personally think he as a power trip problem, but that is more easily fixed that Sawyer's immaturity. Although, I like Kate's plan of not choosing. That way she gets to live out every girl's dream: watching two hot guys fight over her!!!


TinaFerraro said...

That was my 16 year-old daughter, Sarah, weighing in there! :)

And okay, that makes it another tie--Dona for Sawyer, Sarah for Jack, and Marley remaining neutral.

Anyone else care to help us out?


Anonymous said...

what did the monster turn out to be on the island? was it some rabid polar bear or a dinosaur or what?

TinaFerraro said...

Hi "Anonymous". Still no answer on the monster or what a polar bear was doing on a desert island. But I'll be watching, so drop by and ask me another time, and maybe I can tell you.