Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrity doppelgängers?

Who really has them? Not me!

Some people think I look like this Indian actress:

I *want* to look like Sophia Loren, but I do not at all.

But unfortunately, I'm just plain ole Dona.

How many of you out there resemble a famous person? I would love to hear some answers because doppelganger week on Facebook has been a bust for me so far
Happy Saturday!


Sara said...

I WISH I had a celebrity doppelganger - that would be awesome! But unfortunately I don't ;(

Me said...

Plain ole Dona?!? You are gorgeous! Haha. No celebrity doppelgangers for me... but if I could choose one it would be Cameron Diaz. She always looks like she's having a great time.

Wendy Toliver said...

I get told I look like 3 different actresses quite a bit: Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, and Julia Styles. I've even had random people come up and ask me if I was one of them!

TinaFerraro said...

Lovely Dona, you are anything BUT plain! And to see who I think my celeb twin is, check my post on Monday!

Heather Davis said...

Um, yeah. Plain old Dona! Right!
I'm not sure who you like like other than beautiful you. ;)


Bidisha said...

Sharmila Tagore's absolutely gorgey but you ain't far behind, Dona!

No doppelgangers for me *glum*